Cang Mountain Scenic Spot

Cang Mountain Scenic Spot

In the numerous Chinese traditional opera repertoires, there is a famous one "Orphan of Zhao", while there is a mountain - Cang Mountain famous for the moving story of hiding and rescuing an orphan in the Taihang Mountains with peaks rising one after another. Cang Mountain, formerly known as Yu Mountain, lies in Yu County, 18 kilometers to the north. It is named for hiding the orphan of Zhao in the Spring and Autumn Period. Tradition has it that the Zhao Shuo, the senior official of State of Jin, was killed by Tu Angu, the Royal Clan in Jin Kingdom in the Spring and Autumn Period, Zhao Shuo entrusted the after-born orphan to a sikgaek Chen Ying before he died, Chen Ying laid down his son's life for exchange of the orphan of Zhao, and took Zhao Wu, the orphan of Zhao, into Yu Mountain for hide for 15 years. Later generations renamed Yu Mountain as Cang Mountain and made an ancestral temple for sacrifice, which is of over 2600 years of history.



Yu County, Yang Quan City, 18 kilometers to the north

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With mean annual temperature of 10.9℃, rainfall of 570 mm, unique natural scenery.

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