Grand Canyon of Huguan Taihang Mountains

Grand Canyon of Huguan Taihang Mountains

Grand Canyon of Huguan Taihang Mountains: The Huguan section of Grand Canyon of Taihang Mountains, integrating majesty, spectacular, high and beauty, lies in Huguan County, Changzhi City. The Grand Canyon of Taihang Mountains, which stretches more than 40 km, has the relative altitude difference of 200 m to 800 m, with vertical cliffs, vertical and horizontal canyons which are very spectacular. Cutting-like cliffs, hillstones in thousands of postures, sweet and delicious spring, silver chains-like waterfall, rippling deep pools, fascinating karst caves and immense forests spreading all over mountains are all found in ridges, peaks, gullies and streams. The scenic area mainly consists of the three major gorges of Wuzhi Gorge, Longquan Gorge and Wangmang Gorge, with Black Dragon Pool, Zituan Cavity, Zhenze Palace, Yangchang Slope, Red Bean Gorge, Eight Spring Gorge, Qinglong Gorge, Tian Bridge, Mount Wanfo, Eighteen Bends and other attractions connected in series to constitute the magnificence of the wonder of Grand Canyon of Taihang Mountains.



Huguan County, Changzhi City

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1. The scenic area has wetter climate, good conditions, and suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities; 2. It is not allowed to use fire in the field during the visit; 3. Patients who suffer from hypertension and cardiopathy should be cautious; 4. The air temperature of the scenic area is generally 20℃~26℃ from June to September.

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