Practical tips for tour

  • How to walk before not tire

    1.Walk instead of running or jumping

    because running or jumping will increase the pressure of your
    ankles and make you get tired or hurt easily.

    2.Walk steadily and slowly instead of walking too fast

    because steady and slow walk is the most energy-saving and also good for you to keep a good mood. You will get exhausted very easily if you walk in haste and then rest for a while.

    3.Go fast and back slowly.

    You can walk a little faster in the morning, but you had better walk more slowly when you are back to the hotel in the evening so as not to hurt your joint and tendon.

    4. Try to avoid walking the slope if there are stairs.

    When you climb up and down the mountain, you had better to walk on the stairs which is safe and energy-saving, in accord with the dynamics and physiology.

    5.Walk on the hard ground instead of soft places.

    It is more secure and energy-saving to walk on the hard ground such as cement road, asphalt road or the rock road than on the soft places such as grassland, beach,or wet ground.

    6.Walk on the rough ground instead of on the slippery and wet ground.

    For the sake of security, you are supposed to walk on the rough grounds such as the grassland and snow ground rather than the dangerous slippery ground such as ice and slopes with sand and rocks on.

  • Tourism Health


    The main syndromes of sunstroke are mainly serious sweating, thirsty, dizzy, tinnitus, blurry eyes, sick, vomiting and fever. The serious patient will lose his or her mind and even faint. People get sunstroke easily if they are in a very hot and wet environment for a long time. Therefore, when you have a tour in hot summer, remember to balance the leisure time and the rest time, and avoid staying under the hot sun for too much time. if somebody suffers from sunstroke,we can make him or her lie somewhere cool and well-ventilated and then unbutton the patient’s clothes. If possible, give some salted drink to him or her. If the patient has a fever, use cold water or alcohol to wash the body to reduce the fever and have him or her take some sunstroke prevention medicine. When the patient gets better, let him or her sit or lie somewhere to have a good rest. The patient with very serious syndromes must be sent to hospital as soon as possible after some essential treatment.

    2、Food poisoning

    Food poisoning can hurt people severely. The syndromes of food poisoning are mainly throwing up and diarrhea,which explode very quickly. It will be life-threatening if the patients cannot get the immediate medical treatment. If tourists have the syndrome of food poisoning, try to make them drink much water to reduce the poisoning and send them to hospital immediately if the syndrome is very serious. Food poisoning is mainly caused by the eating the unhygienic food, so the tourists had better not eat in the small roadside food stalls.

  • 3、Broken bones

    If the tourists’ bones are broken, they must be sent to hospital as soon as possible. On the spot, the first aiders can take the following measures. Firstly, they must try to stop the bleeding. They can use the hand pressure homeostatic method, which means the first aiders can use the fingers, palms or fists to press the vessel beside the wound to stop bleeding. They can also adopt the method of compression bandaging, which means the first aiders can apply a thick dressing to the wound and bandage it. Besides, they can bind the flexible tourniquet around the big blood vessel of the wound near the heart. Secondly, the first aiders must bandage the wound well. Before bandaging, they must clean the wound, and while bandaging, they cannot use too much pressure and the knot of the bandage cannot be made on the wound. Lastly, the first aiders have to keep the joints static and avoid moving the broken part by adding some splints made of the materials available.

    4、 Heart attack

    If a tourist has a heart attack suddenly, remember not to carry him or her to hospital. You should make him or her lie on the ground with the head on a higher position, and then ask the patient’s relatives or companions to look for the prepared medicine and help the patient to take it. Meanwhile you should go to the nearest hospital and ask a doctor for help. When the patient gets better, send him to the hospital.

    5、Bitten by insects such as scorpions or bees

    If tourists are bitten by a scorpion or a bee, the poisonous pickle must be pulled out and the poisonous fluid must be sucked out with mouth or a tube. Then use the soap water or if possible use the 5% soda water or 3% light ammonia water to wash the bitten part and have the patient take some pain-killers. If the tourists knows much about herbal medicine, they can use some smashed Daxiao leaves(a kind of herbal medicine),minter leaves or nitidine to cover the bitten part. If the patient is bitten very badly, he or she must be sent to hospital immediately.

    6、Head wounded

    If you collide into others or fall down and cause a bump on your head, don’t worry too much. However, if a high fever, vomiting or trembling or transparent body fluids appear such as serum or cerebrospinal fluid, the patient must be sent to hospital as soon as possible.

    7、Neck hurt

    With the windpipe,the gullet and nerves in it, the neck is a very important part of human body. When it gets hurt because of a hard blow, the patient should be sent to hospital as soon as possible. To stop the inside bleeding, cold application has to be adopted in the wounded part. If the outside bleeding happens, the sterile gauze must be put on to stop the bleeding. When the patient lies, try to make him or her lie flat without a pillow. When the patient has to move, his or head must be kept fixed and stable.

    8、Back wounded

    Make the patient lie on a hard wooden board and put a pillow under the neck and waist respectively to keep the spine in the natural curve. Don’t make the patient sit. If the patient has to move, the neck must be kept stable and the board cannot be shaken.

    9、Chest wounded

    The patient may have the bones broken or have difficulty breathing if his or her chest is hit. So the patient has to be sent to hospital as soon as possible and be treated with cold application. The patient should lie against some thick quilts with the aching side downward.

  • Safety knowledge

    1、Check whether the travel agency has the three legal documents.

    You have to choose the appropriate travel agency firstly. Make sure the three legal documents (operational license, business license and tax registration certificate) are available. In particular you must pay attention to the business range of the travel agency. For example, the travel agencies of domestic business do not deal with travel abroad or in Taiwan.

    2、Purchase the travel accident insurance ahead of time.

    If you choose a travel agency to go out for travel, you had better purchase travel accident insurance. Now many insurance companies have this insurance type. If you drive by yourself, you had better get familiar with the road conditions ahead of time. Before setting off, you must check the security equipment and prepare an emergency plan. If possible, you had better have another experienced driver available for a change.

    3、Sign the contract and keep the invoice.

    Sign a contract with the travel agency and keep the invoice. Tourists must read the items of the contract very carefully and make a clear explanation about all the items that will cause controversy and debate. Check whether there will be some replacement or compensation measures if the transportation tools are late and you cannot visit some places or change other transportation tools.

    4、Check the weather conditions of the destination beforehand.

    Before setting off, make sure to check the recent weather conditions of the destination in case of emergency.

    5、The insurance company doesn’t cover the high-risk activities.

    Tourists who participate in the summer camp or the self-drive travel or free trip (the travel agency arranges a guide or buses according to the tourists’ requirements) must purchase insurance and get to know something about the destination ahead of time. In general, tourists must have a clear plan about the activities in the tour. In the tourism activities such as rock-climbing, water-floating, glide,and bungee, you have to be very cautious, because the insurance company does not cover such high-risk activities.