Jinzhong Tour Route

Jinzhong is a geographical concept and as its name says, it is the central area of Shanxi Province. Geographically it is high in the west and low in the east. The major peak of Mount Taihang is in the east of Jinzhong, and Taiyuan Basin is in the west of it. The old agriculture along the Yellow River has its root here. As early as in the time of Yangshao Culture, the primitive agriculture entered the period of Plowing. The city made its name in China from the beginning of Ming Dynasty to the beginning of Republic of China, when the merchants from Pingyao, Taigu, and Qi County as the Chinese financial pioneers created unprecedented grand economic prosperity. The remarkable “learn from Dazhai in agriculture ”movement in Jinzhong last century embodies the development and changes of the rural areas after the establishment of new China, and reflects the Chinese farmers’ dream of pursuing well-off and rich life for generations. Nowadays the new Jinzhong is open and welcome everyone warmly.