Yuncheng Tour Route

No matter for what, Yuncheng is always a place worth your visit. The old land is the birthplace of the Huaxia civilization and the brilliant Hedong culture. It is said that only when you come to Yuncheng, can you feel the origin of the Huaxia civilization. Look back on the history, you can see Emperor Shun farmed in Mount Li, Emperor Yu carved Longmen, Houji grew crops,and Leizu raised silkworms here. All of them initiated the long tradition of Huaxia Civilization. The great king Yushun played the pentachord and sang the oldest Chinese song Lyrics of the South Wind ---the south wind is so tender that it can relieve people’s anger; the south wind is so timely that it can increase the people’s wealth. If you come to Yuncheng, you can honor Guan Yu in the Temple of Guanyu in Jiezhou. If you come to Yuncheng, you can review the romantic story of Cui Yingying and Zhang Sheng. If you come to Yuncheng, you can climb onto the Guanque Tower to enjoy the grand view of Hendong Plain. If you come to Yuncheng, you can feel amazed by the advanced iron making technology of Tang Dynasty when you visit the Pujindu relics. If you come to Yuncheng, you can appreciate the fabulous murals of Yuan Dynasty in Yongle Palace. Furthermore, more amazing beauties wait for you here.