• 1、

    Ask the travel agency to help gothrough all the formalities or book traintickets (or flight tickets or ship tickets) by yourself.

  • 2、

    Make sure all the valid documents are available, including the ID card and the Household Register of the children. Foreigners must have their passports and visa cards. Tourists of Taiwan must have their MTP. During the tour, only if you have the documents mentioned, can you take the airplane and check in hotels.

  • 3、

    You can purchase travel insurance to enhance security.

  • 4、

    Get all things you need ready. A long-sleeve shirt and a pair of trousers are advisable for you to prevent against the sunshine and insects such as mosquitoes. You had better take a cashmere, a warm jacket and a pair of jeans to keep warm even in summer, because the temperature gap between the day and the night is large in the high-altitude place. An umbrella is necessary as well.

  • 5、

    Because of the strong sunshine and UV rays,it is very dry in Shanxi. Therefore you have to wear a hat and smear some sunproof cream and a lip balm to protect your skin. Additionally, you had better wear sunglasses to relieve the hurt of the outside light to your eyes.

  • 6、

    Prepare the necessary medicine such as carsickness ,silver pills,anti-inflammation pills, stomach medicine,berberine,flu pills, bandage, and the medicine for preventing against insects like mosquitoes such as the mosquito repellent oil. Tourists with heart attack or high-blood pressure must take the necessary medicine in case of emergency. Tourists with chronic diseases must take medicine following the doctor’s instructions.。

  • 7、

    Take the electronic devices and accessories such as your cellophane, charger and memory card. A torch is advisable for the night on the grassland. Additionally, remember to take the articles for washing with you.

  • 8、

    Remember telling the travel route to your family members or anybody who expects to keep in contact with you. Make sure you have the phone number of your family, working place and friends.

  • 9、

    if there is nobody at home, stop all the delivery services such as the delivery of milk, newspapers or letters. Keep all the valuable things safe by putting them in the safe or other secure places. Turn off the water and gas and cut off the electricity. If you have a pet or some flowers, ask your neighbors, friends or relatives to take care of them. Make sure all the windows and doors locked and ask the credible friends or neighbors to check regularly. You must have the keys with you and tell all the emergency measures to whoever you trust.

  • 10、

    Check the time of the tickets or the flight, and make sure the route and traffic tools from home to the station and airport.