Shuozhou Tour Route

The famous folk song Leave Xikou expresses the hardship of those people who left their homeland Shanxi and created their careers outside. The old bricks of the firm great wall record deep feelings of the Shanxi people for their homeland while working out of Shanxi. The rocketing Buddhism temple Buddha Temple with thousands of years’ history hides the strong desire of the Qidan minority for the Zhongyuan civilization. The well-defended military camp Guangwu ancient city has witnessed many battles between Han and other nomadic minorities. The tall Guangwu tomb group tells us the past of those people with limited power defending the broad territory of Han Dynasty. Shuozhou, a famous ancient city, contributes many precious gifts to us. You can see not only the grand ancient buildings here, but also the underground black treasure. More importantly, you can feel the long history of the unification of all the Chinese nations here.