Taiyuan Tour Route

During the 2500-year history, Taiyuan is always a very famous place with a deep cultural root. It used to be the homeland of Tangyao, a well-known city of the war kindom, Taiyuan kingdom, capital of Bei Dynasty, the northern capital of the emperor, the north gate of Zhongyuan area, the key town of the Jiubian Area and the homeland of Jin merchants, just as a very famous poet says,"go across Sanggan River for no good reason, and Bingzhou will be the hometown in the future”. The city with grand nobility seems to be more romantic due to the famous poem written by the poet of Jin Dynasty Yuan Haowen along the Fen River---- love is such a thing, which people would die for. Here Chongshan Temple, Chunyang Palace and Wen Temple stand next to each other, which embodies the harmonious existence of various religions. This kind of religious harmony also displays the tolerance of this city. Here in Taiyuan, you can wander in the majestic mountains and by the beautiful rivers, watch the two towers rising into the sky, enjoy the impressive red leaves and appreciate the dawn moon. Here in Taiyuan, you can travel in the modern city, walk on the wide street of Longcheng, get to know the business and enjoy yourself in various entertainment places. Here in Taiyuan, you can eat the delicious dishes, taste the best vinegar and wine, and have a bowl of tasty noodles. The flavor of Taiyuan will linger on your tongue for so long that you will remember it for ever. As long as you have been to Taiyuan, you will be deeply obsessed with its long-lasting beauty.