Yangquan Tour Route

There used to be five springs on the land of 4570 square kilometers, which flew and fed the people here, and hence was named Flowing Spring firstly and then changed into Yangquan later. The city Yangquan with a long history is located in the dangerous but key area of the three Jin Dynasties, which troops of different countries were always fighting for. The high and towering Shinao Mountain is standing and the Tao River is flowing here. As the eastern gate of Shanxi Province, the dangerous but key place was defended by a very brave woman, whose story of hiding the Yangshi orphan in the Cang Mountain which attracts a lot of tourists. On the major peak of Shinao Mountain stands the memorial monument of Baituan Battle, the largest and longest battle in Huabei area in the anti-Japanese war which is very important in the history of China. It has gradually been out of people’s mind as an ancient dangerous but key place, and become an important new industrial city of Shanxi province. Now you are welcome by the people living in the Niangzi Guan. Here you can make corn flour using the water mill by yourself and feel the uniqueness of Xiao Jiangnan on the Loess Plateau.