Jincheng Tour Route

Jincheng, an old but lively city, is located in the southeast of Shanxi province and the central part of Zezhou Basin. It has a long history and can date back to the prehistoric period of Three Kings according to the historical record. Even now there are places where Xuanyuan walked, places where Yao controlled and places where Yu expanded the territory in Shanxi (Xuanyuan, Yao and Yu are all emperors in ancient China.). Situated in the bordering area of Mount Taihang, Mount Wangwu, and Mount Zhongtiao, it divides Huabei Plain and Loess Plateau, and because of its special location, the landscape here is very unique and rare. Here you can enjoy the splendid view of Mount Taihang, feel the mystery of the thick primitive forests, be amazed by the unique rock caves, and appreciate the clear and turbulent falls. You can see many fabulous scenic spots here such as the biggest rock cave group in the north Baiyun Cave, the biggest ecological joining destination of Huabei area Wangmang Mountain, the birthplace of chess Mount Chess, the well-known Gunbi Highway in Xiya Channel and Changping ancient battle field in Gaoping. When you stand on Wangmang Mountain and watch Mount Taihang, the view in your eyes is just like a beautiful Chinese brush painting with winding mountains and flying clouds. Besides, the royal palaces and noble mansions here, the prosperity of ancient education and brilliant talents make Jincheng a great cultural base. The city Jincheng is typical of great talents and fabulous geography.